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The legal team at Feierabend & Pospieszna is known in Berlin as a skillful resource for matters across the spectrum of German real estate law. We offer a full scale of legal real estate services. The credentials and knowledge of our attorneys is perceived as a valuable asset by our clients, which range from first-time buyers to seasoned investors.

The legal services we provide include:
  • Real estate-related litigation - representation in real estate related litigation matters by experienced real estate attorneys.
  • Pre-acquisition real estate due diligence - A thoroughly done due diligence should be conducted prior to any real estate transaction. Our real estate attorneys guide through the transaction process and take care about details like ownership, building codes, tenancy contracts, soil contamination, hazardous building materials etc. In case you like to sale a property, a carefully conducted due diligence by our real estate attorney will help you to identify potential legal hazard that should be investigated or considered in negotiations. ;
  • Reviewing the Lease and other relevant documents;
  • Drafting the contracts and other legal documents;

Landlord-Tenant Law

Our attorneys exercise a strong and reliable landlord-tenant practice. We represent residential and commercial landlords, as well as corporate and individual tenants, in a wide variety of property related legal matters in all over Germany. Lease and rental agreements are often concluded for an extended term, future developments are not always predictable at the time of conclusion. A deteriorating financial situation, lack of commercial viability of the business model, or a sudden and unpredictable change in market conditions can quickly affect the lease. Our attorneys represent landlords and tenants in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing of leases and rental agreements;
  • Nonpayment of rent;
  • Evictions;
  • Maintenance issues;
  • Security deposit issues;

Shopping centers and strip malls 

Our attorneys provide counsel for a number of restaurants, retailers and individual business owners that operate businesses within shopping centers, popular strip malls and free-standing locations. For these clients, we negotiate commercial lease contracts, provide representation in landlord/tenant and business-related litigations and perform legal risk assessment.

Building Law

We provide a number of services for both builders and property owners that arise from issues concerning building and construction law. We help with advice during the contract drafting process. This reduces the possibility of a dispute and clarifies the potential issues of conflict.

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