German-Polish Business Law

With a GDP of $468 billion (2010), Poland has the twentieth largest economy in the world, and the sixth largest in the EU. Poland enjoys close economic ties with Germany: with an export volume of €43.46 billion (2011), Poland belongs to Germany's ten most important trading partners, and Germany also constitutes Poland's largest trading partner. This development is reflected in countless cross-border links and partnerships.

We offer comprehensive legal advice in the field of German-Polish Business law:


Entering the German Market

Feierabend & Pospieszna provides legal assistance to corporations and other business entities from Poland to enter into the German market. We provide advice on the optimum legal form of business activities in terms of liability, business model and tax requirements, give assistance in the founding process, safeguard cross-border protection of intellectual property and draw or check contracts


Typical matters:

  • Selection of the optimum legal form of a company in terms of liability, business model and tax requirements
  • Assistance with setting up a company and legal representation before the authorities and register courts
  • Safeguarding of cross-border protection of intellectual property (trademarks, registered designs, patents)
  • Drawing up and checking of contracts in German, English and Polish


Formation and take-over of corporations in Germany

We support the founding of branches or subsidiary companies and the take-over of existing business entities with extensive legal expertise.


Acquisition and disposition of real estate

Feierabend & Pospieszna offers comprehensive legal advice to corporate and private investors who seek to acquire or dispose real estate in Germany. 


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