German Anti-Corruption Law

The Attorneys of our law firm offer comprehensive advisory in issues regarding the anti-corruption law of Germany and the European Union and other corruption and bribery related legal matters.

Our services include:

  • Anti-Corruption - advise on legal demands for effective and comprehensive anti-corruption and anti-bribery procedures in Germany;
  • Unjustified blacklisting - Representation of corporations that are wrongfully blacklisted on corruption blacklists or excluded from public contracts for unjustified accusation on corruptive practices. Nowadays, many private and public institutions in Germany have established blacklists that list corporations and individuals accused of corruptive business practices. Blacklisted corporations and individuals are excluded from orders.
  • Corruption related recourse against business partners and employees - Claims against business partners, employees and other third parties that causes damages with wrongful corruption related actions.
  • Supply chains - Anti-corruption related obligations for international supply-chains.
  • Representation in corruption related investigation - Representation of corporation and individuals in investigations and criminal procedures concerning corruptive business practices.


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